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PI13020 - 8 Channels 16-bit DAC

P/N PI13020
Product Type DAC
ADC Resolution 16bit
ADC Channel 8
Packaging WLCSP
Interface SPI

Product Features:

- 8-channel 16-bit voltage DAC

   - +14V output range with internal reference

   - Rail-to-rail output with external reference

   - +/-30mA output drive

- DNL of 1 LSB and INL of 16 LSBs

- Internal 1.25V reference voltage, 5ppm/°C

- DAC power-up to zero or mid-scale variant

- Serial slave interface

   - SPI, 50MHz, 3-wire slave

- Low power, single supply

   - 2mA active and 400nA shutdown mode

- 2.6mm x 2.6mm WLCSP packaging

Product Applications:

- Coherent optical modules

- General analog and digital conversion

Product Datasheet:

Please contact us to obtain the complete product datasheet.

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