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PI15011 - 10G PON OLT Controller with PMIC

P/N PI15011
Product Type ADC/DAC/PMIC
ADC Resolution 12bit
ADC Channel 5
VDAC Resolution 12bit
VDAC Channel 3
Packaging WLCSP
Interface SPI/I2C

Product Description:

PI15011 is optimized for PON OLT and other EAM-based modules. It features a 12-bit current output digital-to-analog converter (IDAC) for laser bias current control

in the power feedback loop. It provides a TIA that converts MPD current to a 12-bit, 250KSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The IDAC supports a full-scale output

range of 150mA with very low voltage drop. A buck DC-DC is used to provide the IDAC supply voltage and can adjust the output voltage to optimize power consumption.

A second IDAC can provide up to 250mA for applications requiring SOA bias.

EAM bias is provided by a 12-bit negative voltage output digital-to-analog converter (VDAC). The current of this DAC can be monitored through an ADC. The VDAC has

an output or input current capability of up to 60mA. A negative voltage DC-DC is used to provide the required power for the VDAC.

The ADC integrates a low-latency threshold comparator, making it suitable for monitoring solutions such as photodiodes (MPD), received signal strength indicators (RSSI),

and signal loss (LOS) detection. The ADC can also measure the voltage at the IDAC pins as well as the current generated or input by the VDAC, enabling optical power


The integrated TEC controller features register-controlled output voltage, digital circuit PID control, as well as monitoring and alarm functions.

Product Features:

- Two 12-bit current DACs

   - 150mA for CW LD

   - 240mA for SOA

- 12-bit negative voltage DAC for EA bias

- TIA input for EA MPD

- TEC controller

- Buck DC-DC for IDAC and PMD power supply

- DC-DC inversion for EA bias

- Two general-purpose 12-bit VDACs

- 12-bit ADC with 4 ADC inputs for DAC, TIA, power, and temperature monitoring

- Internal 2.5V voltage reference

- Compact 3.6 x 3.6 mm WLCSP with 0.4mm pad pitch

Product Applications:


Product Datasheet:

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