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Product Description

      The PI14010 is a highly integrated, low-power, analog, monitoring and control solution with a comprehensive set of integrated TEC, Buck and Inverting DC-DC regulators. A wide variety of optical transceiver controller applications are supported without need of external circuitry, thereby minimizing cost and PCB area.

   The PI14010 has four 12-bit current output digital-to-analog converters (IDACs) and four 12-bit voltage output DACs (VDACs) with programmable output ranges. A 12-bit, 250KSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is used for external and internal signal monitoring A temperature alarm monitor and a high precision internal reference that eliminates the need of an external reference in most applications.

     The PI14010 VDACs support both positive and negative output range operation and are capable or sourcing and sinking up to 60mA. Additionally, the IDACs support a programmable full-scale output ranges of 150mA/250mA with very low power dissipation.

     The PI14010 includes four voltage input pins and up to eight current input pins with a programable TIA gain. These inputs are multiplexed to the ADC and incorporate a low-latency window comparator, making them suitable solutions for monitor photo diode (MPD), received signal strength indicator (RSSI) and loss-of- signal (LOS) detection. The ADC is also capable of measuring the voltage at the IDAC pins as well as the current being sourced or sunk by the VDACs, thus enabling power monitoring of these outputs.


Product Features

‍◆   Four 12-bit current output DACs (IDACs)

–   Two 150mA and two 150 / 250mA full-scale range

‍◆   Four 12-bit voltage output DACs (VDACs)

–   Four configurable ranges: -2*VREF , -VREF , VREF or 2*VREF

–   ±60 mA drive capability

–   Configurable in group of 2 VDACs

◆   Multi-channel, 12-bit, 250KSPS SAR ADC

–   Four external voltage inputs

– Four sink/source TIA current inputs referred to a programmable positive bias voltage

– Four sink/source TIA current inputs referred to programmable negative bias voltage

–    IDAC voltage monitor channels

–    VDAC current monitor channels

–    Programmable sequencer

–    Programmable out-of-range alarms

◆   Internal voltage reference

◆   Internal temperature sensor with fault alarm

◆   Buck Regulator

–   Output voltage range of 1.2V to 2.5V

–   Output current: 1A

–   12-bit set point

–   92% efficiency at 0.6A

◆   Inverting Regulator

–   Output voltage range of -2.0V to -4.5V

–   Output current: 300mA

–   5-bit set point

–   81% efficiency at 200mA

◆   TEC controller

–   Single inductor

–   Output current: ±1.2A

–   12-bit set point

–   90% peak efficiency

◆   SPI and I2C interface: 1.8V to 5.0V operation

◆   Reset, Disable, Interrupt and LOS functions


Product Application

          The PI14010 provides a complete control and PMIC solution for a wide range of Fiber Optic Modules:

         - EML 100G to 400G

         - DR4, FR4, LR4, ER4


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